Umbilical Cord Tissue - Stem Cell Therapy Phoenix
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Umbilical Cord Tissue

FAQ’s on Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ

What is umbilical cord stem cell treatment?

Umbilical cord stem cell therapy involves donated tissue after a scheduled c-section, where no babies are harmed. The materials used in the procedures include the umbilical cord tissue and blood, Wharton’s Jelly, placenta and amniotic fluid.

As it stands, these “products of conception” contain many millions of regenerative cells including stem cells, exosomes, secretomes, mRNA, cytokines, exokines and more. The materials are processed at an FDA Approved lab, then cryogenically frozen until ready for use.

How is the tissue obtained?

The tissue is obtained after a scheduled c-section from a consenting donor. The babies are fine, and the whole process is regulated by the FDA.

The material is placed into a sterile container, and then processed at an FDA Approved lab. All DNA factors are removed during processing, so there is no chance of rejection by the body. In addition, all types of diseases are tested for during processing as well.

The biologics are shipped to medical practices on dry ice for procedures, and thawed out 15 minutes prior.

What Conditions Is It Offered For?

Understand that the FDA considers regenerative treatments experimental. Having stated that, providers are treating the following types of conditions successfully with regenerative biologics that include growth factors, cytokines, secretomes, exosomes, stem cells and mRNA.

All types of arthritis, tendonitis, neuropathy, back pain, autoimmune disease, heart/kidney/lung failure, neurodegenerative conditions, scar revision. Also, more and more individuals are receiving regenerative therapies for anti-aging!

Are the Procedures Covered by Insurance?

They are not currently covered by any insurance. Probably will not be for a few more years. There are significant lobbying forces working against coverage despite plenty of available research to show efficacy.

Are there significant risks?

There are risks, but they are low. There is always a risk of infection, bleeding, nerve injury, allergic reaction when a procedure is performed. Thankfully those risks are exceptionally low!

What are the Outcomes?

When you look at the data from the literature along with the experience at R3’s Centers, over 80% of patients do extremely well with regenerative therapies. Bone and joint conditions tend to receive outcomes close to 88% excellent, while systemic and organ failure conditions tend to be a bit lower but still great.

R3 maintains an extensive repository of research papers on a vast plethora of conditions. Too many to actually list here!

Why seek treatment with umbilical cord tissue stem cell therapy at an R3 Stem Cell Center of Excellence?

R3’s Centers offer significant benefits. For one, the Centers have performed over 10,000 stem cell procedures successfully. So there is an experience factor that VERY few other centers can come close to. In addition, R3’s Centers use the top of the line regenerative biologics. This includes umbilical cord tissue that has been processed at an FDA approved lab with an impeccable safety record.

The biologics contain many millions of regenerative cells, as no radiation is used during processing. And also the Centers incorporate protocols that maintain “best practice” protocols vetted over thousands of patients.


Each R3 center offers a complimentary consultation. Call (844) GET-STEM to find the closest one to you today!