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Amniotic and Umbilical stem cell therapies with high stem cell counts and growth factors that are very effective, safe, outpatient and painless. PRP Therapy as well, often together! R3 Stem Cell has performed over 11,000 procedures over the past 5 years.



Repair and regenerate damaged tendons, ligaments & cartilage from arthritis or sports injuries. Dramatically improves COPD, Kidney Failure,
Neurologic Conditions, Autoimmune Diseases and Diabetes.

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Your most common questions answered
about regenerative medicine therapies
with stem cells and what they
can offer you.
Learn about how stem cells work.

What is Amniotic/Umbical Treatment?

Amniotic and Umbilical regenerative therapies provide over 80% excellent results for arthritis, neurodegenerative conditions, neuropathy, and organ failure. Find out more about our effective stem cell therapy.

Injections and IV stem cell therapies using amniotic and umbilical cord stem cell tissue. Over 11,000 treatments with 85% excellent outcomes!

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